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Today, the clients or consumers almost 100% search for products and services on Google. So, making your website rank on Google first page (doing SEO) is very important, not less than other marketing channels. Website is the business window and storefront where customers are welcome to view detailed of products or services. The more site visits, the more opportunities for selling.

If you have a good website, good products/services but it is not well known or unable to search with keywords, you will not be able to generate sales as planned or fail against your competitors.

PostHitz understand all your needs, by offering a valued package because it is one time charge. You do not have to pay for advertisement, pay per click (Pay for every advertisement when someone clicks on your website) We also have money-back guaranteed if your website is not in ranked as agreed.

** Special !! Modified image on Google, whether it is a brand / product name / website name / name of the person who may have experienced in discredit in online world. We can help you …

Cheap SEO Service & Quality

Guaranteed SEO Top 5 on Google within 4-6 months

Fees start from 20,000 Baht++

(One time charges, depending on the difficulty of Keyword)

1 Keyword

Guarantee ranked on within 4-6 months


Guaranteed SEO Top 10 on Google within 4-6 months

Fee start from 15,000 Baht ++

(One time charges, depending on the difficulty of Keyword)

1 Keyword

Guarantee ranked on within 4-6 months


Guaranteed SEO Top 20 on Google within next 3-4 months

Fee start from 8,000 Baht ++

(Pay service charges, depending on the difficulty of Keyword)

Number 1 Keyword

Guarantee ranked on within 3-4 months

The benefits that customers will get as following:

  1. Website ranked on top search as chosen package Top5 / Top10 / Top20
  2. Ranking report once a month (If you need more, please contact us)
  3. Free analyze SEO on Page!! + adjusting (Excepted editing URL which the customer is responsible for)
  4. Free 200 advertisement posts throughout service period (Only appropriate post related with SEO)
  5. Free design and post banners (size 120 × 120 pixels) on our 12 network website throughout service period
  6. Increase amount of traffic on the website + quality backlink throughout the rank

** Require more than one keyword, get 10% special discount

Easy Step for SEO service

  1. Send your website name, rough description and keywords for creating SEO to E-mail: or Line ID: posthitz or message through our Webpage
  2. After we received information and analyzed keywords, we will inform for the fee within 24 hours. It depends on difficulty of keyword.